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Press Kit

Fact Sheet

FictionSphere is a technical platformer inspired by classics games from the early 90s. You'll find familiar mechanics from beat-em-ups, gallery shooters, and most noticeably platformers. You'll take on the protagonist Ratio, a wise-cracking hot-blooded youth with a persona that hides his resentment of the world. Wielding an infinite potential, learn new feats and beat your enemies to a pulp!

Main Features​:

  • Explore 8 main stages. 

  • Customizable combos to fit your playstyle.

  • Platform your way to victory. 

  • Gallery Shooting fun.

  • Unlock myriad power-ups and skills to aid your fights.

  • Light RPG elements


Team Einherjar was formed in early 2015. What started as a group of aspiring fans and talented individuals, a new team emerged to make games great again.


Aric Yu: Leader, Programmer, Concept artist, Writer.

Johan Barradas: Graphic's Artist, Translator

TomyCase: Graphic's Artist, Concept Art,Visual Artist, Designer, Translator

Johnathon Sivilaisane: Graphic's Artist

Alan Monteiro: Sound Composer

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