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Jul 27, 2018

FictionSphere FAQ


Edited: Jul 27, 2018


Just a General FAQ for FictionSphere. If you're having issues with FictionSphere or even questions look no further than here! These only cover some of the questions


When is FS going to be released?

We don't have a definite answer for that, currently as I'm writing this post, we're working on a completed alpha demo and looking to crowdfunding to help, if you really enjoy FictionSphere and want to see it made come support us on our next campaign, we should have a clear answer by then. For now enjoy the free alpha demo.


What Platforms?

PC right now, but if funding goes well, Mac,Linux, NINTENDO SWITCH, PS4 and Xbone are planned. Again we're a small indie team porting requires funds, if you see a particular platform you would enjoy playing FS on come support our next campaign.


Where can I play the free Alpha Demos?

You can download them through our gamejolt or itch.io pages the links located at



I keep getting errors about shaders how to fix?

If you're playing the game on Windows 10, it uses DirectX 11(or higher) you need to get the Jun2010 Redist packages > Click here. < it should fix any future errors. If not Contact us through Discord and use the #bugs channels.


How can I support the game?

The best way to support us, is to help us spread the word and definitely questions #1 and 2 again.


How come Paradox isn't playable?!