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Jul 26, 2018

My house my rules(za Rules!):


Edited: Jul 27, 2018

1. General Posting Rules

Please refrain from double posting or spamming the forums. Bumping your own post is fine but allow a couple of hours to 24 before doing so. Please do not necro-bump old posts that have not been active for over 3 months, just use the search tool or look at the FAQ for your answer, if all else fails just make a new post. Make sure to stay ON TOPIC with the original post.


2. Play Nice and be respectful

Absolutely no hostility towards other members. Debates are fine, but cyberbullying is not, attacking someone personally will not be tolerated. Be mature and play nice with each other.


3. Keep Politics out of posts

No Politics or SJW posts here. We're not interested in PC Culture, we're here to talk about video games and connect together as fans, you can take these type of posts elsewhere that's not affiliated with Team Einherjar.

4. Use the proper Categories

When creating a new post please use the proper categories. If your post has nothing to do with the current subforum it will be moved to a more suitable location.

5. Follow za rules

We're here to keep the forums friendly and lively, please be sure to follow the rules that have been setup, if you don't you'll be banned from the forums. If you're having an issue or unsure about something just ask the mods.

Thanks for reading! Hope you'll enjoy your stay!

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