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Jul 27, 2018



Edited: Jul 27, 2018

An extremely short FAQ for ZXG, Covering the basic questions everyone asks.


Wut happend to ZXG y u no finish IS IT CANCELED!?

No. ZXG is not canceled only on Hiatus, we're focusing all of our efforts on FictionSphere. I started ZXG as a Hobby and eventually I ran out of time to work on it. Working on two projects at once with the small team we have is a herculean task. The team also have personal lives to attend to, College, jobs, etc.


Is ZXG Endorsed by Capcom?

NO!!!!! We are a NON-PROFIT FANGAME, ZXG will be free to play to the public and you will not be charged a single cent. We're doing this out of pure passion, almost all (excluding some SFX and GFX) are original works, aka Pixel art, Artwork, Programming, etc.



Nope ZXG is not a romhack. I've been asked many times about this, ZXG is programmed from ground up and we are not affiliated with Capcom or Nintendo.


When will ZXG resume?

It's already somewhat in the works, I've taken my time to rework the entire engine from scratch. Previously I had ported it from a super outdated version, which caused a lot of bugs. Building it from ground up again will hopefully allow near-perfect emulation of the original DS feel with Extra added features. You can take a look at our Live-Stream Regarding the new build > HERE <. Keep in mind I'll only be updating it very rarely, aka when I actually have more free time available.


Are the Previous Alpha Demos still playable?

Yup and you can find it > HERE <. Keep in mind they are very old and outdated so you may encounter some problems. The new ZXG Alpha 4 should fix all these problems.


What can I do to help?

Welp if you're interested in helping out give us a message through the contact form located on our site teameinherjar.net/contact. Please note while we love fan mail, we're looking for some serious replies only. Let us know what kind of position you're interested in, with some details about your work. (Note not everyone will be accepted or replied to.)